Clearfield Christian Church UT

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Happy 4th of July 2014 – Welcome to N4C Church!

Happy 4th of July – Let the freedom ring!  We thank you for visiting our site and you’re in the right place if you’ve seen us during the Clearfield City parade with our “CROCODILE DOCK” AWESOME FLOAT.  The float is this year’s SUPER FUN theme for our Vacation Bible School (VBS) for all children and the youth.  My name is Fernando and I am the pastor here at N4C Church – servicing the community around Clearfield City and surrounding cities.  We are very pleased that you have visited our site and on behalf of our ministry, we welcome you with all of our hearts.  It is our sincere pleasure to minister to you through all of the services we provide here.  WE ARE HERE TO OFFER PRAYERS AND SUPPORT FOR ALL PERSON IN NEED.  We believe that we are all called for greater purposes.  As part of the Body of Christ, each one of us is called to perform the unique design to serve God – His people, our ministry and ourselves.  God is no respecter of person wherever we have come from or whatever we have done, God is ready to use us as long as we are willing to submit to His will.







We exist to reach all the Nations for Christ.  In as much as the church in itself is composed of different nations, we believe that we are called to go to all the nations of the world.  Moreover, our church is a place where we believe that every person is a nation.  We have faith in every believer’s and that each one has a potential to play a very important role…  reaching every tribe, every tongue and every nation as the Lord Jesus commissioned us in Matthew 28:19-20.

We are looking forward to serve you better.  We pray that you enjoy your visit here and we look forward to seeing you at our church.  May the Lord Jesus richly bless you all!

Pastor Fernan

See our “Crocodile Dock” VBS 2014 Videos here:  N4C Media Gallery
Visit us on the New Site at Nations4Christ.Church