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The 10th Anniversary 2018 Season

The 10th Anniversary season is in full swing, and students from all over the world are arriving daily. However, the ministry begins long before they actually travel to East Tennessee. We receive calls, emails, and all kinds of messages requesting help from students planning to travel. 
Because of our constant interactions with them months before, we learn a lot about the students before their arrival. Trust is developed, which leads to open doors for sharing the Gospel.

Today, June 6th, is a very special day for me. Ten summers ago, the Kochan family left their home in Russia behind and boarded a plane from Moscow to Knoxville to start a new and exciting outreach. God gave us a golden opportunity to share Jesus with young people from all over the world. I don’t dream often, but last night, I had an unusual vision. I was fishing in a large pond, and suddenly, my bobber sharply goes under. I reel in a giant fish that is at least six feet long. As I lay it on the ground, I gaze at it in amazement – the fish is beautiful, shiny and completely unique – I’ve never seen anything like it before. The feeling I get from this catch is incredible! When I woke up, I was elated. God was speaking to my heart and encouraging me. Everything that happens in this ministry is huge – we are catchers of men! I took this photo a few minutes ago inside of the Embassy before leaving to Knoxville. The students that you see here came from countries that have never heard of Christ, and they will get to hear the Gospel for the very first time in their lives tonight.Please pray for the harvest, and Happy Birthday Nations4Christ! Together we make a great team! Your generous support makes this ministry possible.